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Who is Monique van Dusseldorp

I am an Amsterdam-based curator of events and seminars on media, technology, and innovation. Over the last 25 years, I have dedicated myself to finding the best stories, the most interesting entrepreneurs, inventors, and artists and putting them on stage. It is my role to find interesting people, projects, and ideas, and provide them with the audience and the platform they deserve.

In 2020, I worked on events which included the EU-funded Next Generation Internet Policy Summit (for policymakers and activists), the Partos Innovation Festival (for 100 Dutch development NGOs and their international networks), and Emerce Eday (for Dutch digital professionals). Other 2020 clients include Philips, Dutch Media Week, MediaPerspectives, Tweakers, Port of Rotterdam, and The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands.

For more than 15 years, I have been the curator and moderator of the Cross Media Café, a regular meetup of media professionals sharing innovative case studies, and for over 10 years I have been part of the program team of the Next Conference (Hamburg).

Previously I was a.o. part of the team of the first Wired Conference in London, the PICNIC festival in Amsterdam, and for 10 years I was program director of TEDxAmsterdam.

In 2020, I compiled a publication called ‘‘The Great Redesign’’ together with Martin Recke and Ina Feistritzer. I am co-host of the What’s Next Show, and an editor-at-large for David Mattin’s fantastic New World Same Humans newsletter.

I also work as a moderator of (online) events, bringing energy and a real interest in the topics on hand to the screen. Drop me a line if you want to know more.

Contact info

Contact me at monique@vandusseldorp.com

You can also follow me on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.

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Monique van Dusseldorp

Amsterdam based event curator with 30 years of experience creating events that explore technology and innovation.